We are offering 4 Social Distancer kit variants, 1 Upgrade kit and 1 shield

Learn, create and then protect the people you love

A Social distancer is a small desk-top device that measures the distance between itself and anybody who stands in front. It's being used in workspaces such as stores and offices to protect the social distance between customers and workers (your parents), hence it protects them from Covid 19!

In order to build a Social Distancer, you need to connect an Ultrasonic Sensor, Arduino board, Leds and a Buzzer at minimum. Our Social Distancer kits allow you to do this much more easily, in a very compact and good looking way without any need of soldering. You can even customize your Social Distancer with the custom stickers and the upgrade kit.  Now, let's create the most creative Social Distancer of our own! "Use your creativity pen" is included!

We are offering Colored DIN rails of different sizes, kits and structures

Legendary Circuits Mugs, Tshirts, Stickers and more..

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