Do you have an innovative idea?

Bringing a new product to the market is similar to traversing a minefield. Your chances of making it across successfully are slim if you try it alone. The saying “you don’t know what you don’t know” is especially true when bringing a new product into the world. You need a guide who has done it before, or better yet an entire team of experienced guides.

We are here to help you.

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We can do: Idea Evaluation 

Only a small percentage of ideas are turned into real products. If you let us evaluate your idea we can give you brief info about its manufacturability, apropriate manufacturing methods, uniqueness, market potential, cost/benefit analysis, SWOT analysis.

We can do: Patent & Prior Art Search

Besides, we can do a semi-professional patent & prior art search on your idea. All our work will be %100 objective and will let you not loose any money for nothing and we suggest investigating the proof of concept before all your efforts.

We can do: Patent Drawings

In your patent application, you can submit drawings of your invention if such drawings are necessary to understand how the invention works.  Patent drawings are often fairly technical. Preparing them, therefore, can be an intimidating task. We can help you on this task, we are using programs like coreldraw, photoshop for simple drawings and solidworks, fusion360 for more technical ones.

*Innobrothers is a brand of ours.

We can do: Electronics Design

We can do electronics design including embedded systems, control electronics, actuator controllers, sensor transducers, signal analysers, power electronics, motor & battery controllers. We can deliver you the final electronics prototypes and as well as the program codes and the design files (schematics, PCB design, gerber files, pick and place files) .


We can do: Mechanical Design

We can evaluate the mechanical design in your head and offer you probably better (more production friendly) design approaches. We can design your mechanical parts and overall structure of your products by using solidworks and fusion 360 softwares.


We can do: Manufacturing Documents & Drawings

When you take your mechanical parts to a manufacturer, they will ask for technical manufacturing documents of your part to be able to manufacture it. We can prepare them for you.


We can do: Technical Documentation, Explanation Sheets, Datasheets, Manuals

Investors or users will need technical documentation to see if your idea, prototype will work or how it functions. In that case, you will need technical documentation and we can help you on that.


We can do: Prototyping

Most of the times, it’s not easy to do the engineering and build a prototype in a cost effective way. At this point, we can help you build your prototype.


We can do: Marketing materials

We can create and prepare;

  • Info sheets
  • Product photography
  • Narratives & stories

for your ideas.

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