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This is the basic version of our Structure Sets. It is an optimized collection for basic set-ups. This pack has only the basics to get you started. That allows us to keep the price low while giving you the choice of what shields, sensors, and accessories to add-in.


  • 2 x Structure Kit 1 layers
  • 1 x Transparent top cover
  • 8 x 50mm metal distance bars
  • 4 x 18mm metal distance bars for the bottom
  • 4 x Plastic bottom pads
  • 2 x Born Jacks
  • 1 x Mini breadboards
  • 1 x Protoboard


Electronics need to be constructed in a firm, clear, and good looking form. This is a must for error-free projects.

Our structure kits help makers create error-free and good looking projects. Arduino boards, protoboards, breadboards, regulators, battery holders can be placed with multiple different combinations on these stackable structure kits.


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