Easy inspection with Flex Scope

Inspection is necessary during learning, design, prototyping and fault detection

Electronic circuits and PCB's have tens of small components and hundreds of small pins on them. In order to detect a fault or measure the performance of the circuits, we inspect them with contacting these small pins with multimeter or oscilloscope probes.


Free your hands with Flex Scope, no need for soldering cables

You don't need to solder tiny cables, no need to hold probes with your hands, forget about bulky crocodile arms. You have Flex Scope now. With the help of powerful magnets in Flex Scope probe bases, it is so easy to locate the probe on the base plate. Then, you just need to put the probe head on any pin on your circuit and connect your inspection device.

Save a lot of time and hassle

It's so easy to inspect now. Base plate is a magnetic steel sheet with black paint + low friction sticker. Just fix your circuit on our very easy-to-use and isolated PCB holders and you are ready to go. Multiple heights and angles are possible with the clever holder design. Let them also help you with soldering and similar procedures.