Why does SUNDAY KITS & ROBOTICS exist ?

We do have a purpose, mission, vision and core values for sure !

OUR PURPOSE: is to make the latest technologies accessible, understandable and fun to create with for all ages around the world 

For now, we can create electronic kits, tools and motivational items. We need you to support us by connecting to our ecosystem, purchasing our products and giving us feedback.  We need to build and grow a self-sustaining international team. Click here and see the open positions if you share the same passion and core values.

OUR MISSION: is to speed up the learning and experimentation process of current and potential makers to ensure that we see more technological breakthroughs in our lives

We are acting selfish, yes. Our lifetime is limited, we want to see more technological breakthroughs before death. True AI, humanoids, colonies.. Where are they ? Lets do our best to speed up the learning and experimentation process of makers for gods sake!

OUR VISION: is that Sunday Kits will be the most effective tech-celerator ecosystem composed of humans, robots and AI connecting makers, communities, institutions and companies

True AI, humanoids, colonies.. There is an obvious need for large and effective ecosystems that speeds up the processes. We can do that, we will do that.. Contact and join us !

OUR 9 CORE VALUES: are Creativity, Trying, Passion, Keeping ourselves at the state-of-the-art, Learning, and teaching new things, Community, Communication, Teamwork, Perseverance.

We live and work by our 9 core values in mind and in our hearts, you can see them in the image below.

Robotics ?

Yes, we see a bright future and lots of opportunities of value creation for humanity in robotics. We are there, we will always be.



Hello everyone, welcome to our website. I'm an electrical & electronics engineer who has been working on R&D projects for some years, I've been involved in engineering, managerial and entrepreneurial roles in tech industries. I founded Sunday Kits right after a terrible incident of 2 surgeries. When I was hospitalized for 20 days, I felt like I was there at my end, without seeing enough tech-breakthroughs.. Without seeing any humanoids around, colonies on mars.. Then I realized, instead of trying to do those on our own, we have to help "them" in the best way we can. Because "them" will always bigger and faster. By "them" I mean all the makers around the world !

So here we are. I hope you will find our products and efforts useful and helpful. Please reach us anytime you have anything in mind.

Thank you.